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The Strange Ramblings & Odd Visions of American Artist Rob Johnston

75 Diamonds / Shine On


Shine On

A Folk Art Painting on Wood

This is the 75th original painting I've completed.

I decided it was only fitting that I paint 75 DIAMONDS for this piece.

The first draft saw all of the diamonds painted a glittering metallic silver.

But that didn't quite have the "wow" factor I was after for such a commemorative accomplishment.

I realized that not only do diamonds sparkle and shine, but if you look closely, they have all the colors of the rainbow swirling and refracting within them.

I think it's the perfect blend of color and dazzle -
And of course a few are even a bit "(diamond in the) rough" looking.

Ready to hang the day you get it!

I number each original piece of art I create - This one is #75, signed on the back, ready to hang.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

35" Tall x 25" Wide
Signed & Dated on back
Framed & Ready To Hang