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The Strange Ramblings & Odd Visions of American Artist Rob Johnston

Invisible Angels Visionary Art


Modern Folk Art Painting with Porcelain Ceramic Detail

My fascination with Invisible Realms continues with this painting.

Painted on a large wood panel with a crackled wooden frame. "Invisible Angels" floats above the surface on a porcelain emblem. The porcelain emblem is handmade with a hand silk screened decal fired on it.

Her Tattoos are a metallic ink - they really glow when the light hits it!

How can you paint what is invisible?

How can you know you'll be safe at the end of a dark journey?

Faith, Feeling, and Trust.

The words that I hand painted on this piece came to me one day as I practiced automatic writing.

My hand moved in the dimly lit room and I had no idea at the time what was being recorded.

Much like my artwork, the message came from someplace else.

IMPORTANT: Even though there are 6 of these, each one is painted differently.

32.5" Wide x 24" Tall x 1.5" Deep
Limited Edition of 6 (Each a different color version)
Signed, Numbered & Dated on back
Framed, Ready To Hang

Metallic Gold spray paint,
Watercolor Paint, House Paint, Acrylic Paint, Ink, Wood, Porcelain Clay, Glaze
Ink, House Paint, Wood