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The Strange Ramblings & Odd Visions of American Artist Rob Johnston

Sea Goddess - Secret Artifact 3


Sea Goddess - Johnston America Secret Artifact #3

I painted this piece to compliment my paintings on wood called "Invisible Angels"

I put a crazy amount of work into these, with water colored backgrounds for the ocean and sky, 7 colors of house paint, and a fantastic metallic gold paint for her tattoos. The gold catches the light and reflects beautifully, almost “glowing” at certain angles.

The raised emblem on the bottom marks this piece as the third in my "Secret Artifact" series that is highly collectible. They are all numbered, signed, and dated - This is the third one in the series.

These are all HAND PAINTED
You can expect subtle differences in each piece!

16" Tall x 10" Wide
Limited Edition of 50
Signed & Numbered on front
Watercolors, Ink, House Paint