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The Strange Ramblings & Odd Visions of American Artist Rob Johnston

Visionary Army Hand Thrown Stoneware Ceramic Mug

Visionary Army Hand Thrown Stoneware Ceramic Mug


Hand Thrown Stoneware Ceramic Mug

My first in a series of mugs which I throw myself on a potter's wheel. I screen printed my own art with a glaze that gets fired permanently right onto each one.

Combining my love for ceramics, drawing and screen printing in one finished piece!

Each mug is about 4 1/2" tall by 3 3/4" wide and will hold a generous 16 oz. (2 cups) of your favorite beverage. Totally dishwasher and microwave safe! (Though if you want your art to stay brand new looking for decades you may want to consider hand washing)

Since every one of these is handmade yours will differ slightly in appearance than the one shown, but that's what makes it a special one of a kind piece of art!

Very limited quantities at this point (but more on the way!)