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The Strange Ramblings & Odd Visions of American Artist Rob Johnston

Voodoo Supplies Weathered Old Sign


Framed Wooden Folk Art Sign

If you are planning on opening a Voodoo Supply store soon but don't have a sign for your building yet, this is your lucky day!

If you are looking for a vibrant, conversation provoking piece of folk art for your home, well that's perfect too.

You can regale your friends and family with elaborate tales of trekking through steamy jungles, trading a lock of your hair for the sign in front of some secret mystical shop.

Quite large - 2 feet tall by almost 3 feet wide.

Meticulously hand painted on 5 thick wooden boards.
Solid wood frame, ready to hang!

35" Wide x 24" Tall
Limited Edition of 20
Signed & Numbered on back
Ink, House Paint, Wood